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Me and My Health / Health Check
Me and My Health / Health Check

Health Check

With this test you will receive a hormone test, blood tests, physical exam, respiratory check, mental health check and epigenetics.

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Important Information.

The process

Standard Tests

Additional Tests Based on Profile

Results & Case Management

The image below shows the customer journey, from initial appointment, survey, bloods and process, through to results and aftercare package.

  1. Full Bloods – Looks at type and number of blood cells and gives a good indication of general health.
  2. Urea and electrolytes – Minerals and electrolytes in your body can show general well-being of your body as well as any metabolic imbalances, such as hydration levels or diabetes.
  3. Liver function – Shows the general well-being of our liver, which is an important organ in our body for filtration. Early indications of liver damage can be reversible.
  4. Thyroid function – Shows the functionality of the Thyroid, which is the “powerhouse” of our body. Abnormalities in thyroid levels are easily treatable and can affect general wellbeing.
  5. Iron – Tied with FBC (full blood count), it shows the health of our blood cells and oxygenation of our body.
  6. Blood glucose – Important marker to diagnose and manage diabetes.
  7. Bone profile – Includes Calcium test to supplement the metabolic test, along with monitoring bone function and thyroid function.
  1. Prostate specific antigen – Screening marker for men for prostate enlargement, possible cancer.
  2. Vitamin D – Good indicator for general well-being – can affect fatigue, muscle pain, sickness.
  3. Vitamin B12 – Essential for a healthy nervous; good indicator for fatigue, muscle weakness. Good test for vegan/vegetarians.
  4. BNP – Indicator of heart health; test that’s performed to check for a stressed heart which can lead to further cardiac issues.
  5. Hormones – Looks at essential hormones specific for women or men’s health, depending on certain factors.
me and my health check

Your results will be discussed with you and you will be appointed a case manager who will provide unique to you support and referrals as required.

The Me & My Health Full Health Check is being used by Ministry of Defence contractors and globally recognised organisations.

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