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Me and My Health / Drug & Alcohol Fingerprint Tests
Me and My Health / Drug & Alcohol Fingerprint Tests

Drug & Alcohol Fingerprint Tests

The Me & My Health Fingerprint test detects drug and alcohol use by analysing chemicals, known as metabolites, contained in the minute traces of sweat found in a fingerprint.

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We have a proven track record of supporting the general public and helping employees returning to work.

We will provide a fully managed drug and alcohol testing service, and support you in taking an issue that impacts more people than ever.

Drug and alcohol misuse can impact both your business and your people, with wide ranging consequences such as increased accident rates, injuries, depression and absenteeism.

We can help prevent and manage substance misuse issues to the benefit of you and your employees.

How Is Fingerprint Drug Testing Being Used?

  • Workplace testing – helping to deter employee drug misuse and promote a healthy and safe workplace
  • Drug treatment and family safeguarding – enabling dignified, quick and hygienic screening that’s easy to carry out in clinics, private homes and community-based centres
  • Criminal justice – for a variety of law enforcement purposes and to support offender management and rehabilitation
  • Schools – to promote safer, healthier lifestyles for young people
  • Other – for specialist purposes such as drug mule detection at airports and for use within mortuaries to assist
  • Coroners in cause of death investigations

We use a unique Fingerprint model for drug and alcohol testing, which does not have the cons of saliva, urine and hair follicle testing.

Our system analyses fingerprint sweat to screen for recent use of drugs such as cannabis, cocaine, opiates, and methamphetamine.

A key advantage is the precise window for detection relative to urine and saliva testing, meaning we capture anything within the body from the last 16 hours compared with up to 2 and 4 days for oral fluid and urine testing respectively.

Our system is an improvement on existing technologies allowing us to provide a cleaner revolutionary testing method to improve a company’s procedures/operations, something which has been at the core of our business since we started operating.

Our drug test cartridges each screen for multiple drug groups simultaneously:

  • DSC 5-Plus screens for opiates, methamphetamine, cocaine and cannabis
  • DSC 8-Plus screens for opiates, methadone, benzodiazepines and buprenorphine

Our two-part Drug Screening System consists of single-use, tamper-evident cartridges (for sample collection) and the  portable analysis unit. The cartridge uses lateral flow assay technology and fluorescence-labelled antibodies to selectively detect specific drugs or their metabolites in eccrine sweat collected from fingerprints. The portable unit is a highly sensitive, robust and effective fluorescence measurement instrument which is used to read the fingerprinting cartridge, providing a presumptive positive or negative result for each drug in the test within minutes.

Our fingerprint drug screening system is quick and easy to use.

Sample collection takes less than a minute and results are available on-the-spot our system reads the Cartridge and displays a positive or negative result for each drug in the test in just ten minutes.

Our system comprises:

Fingerprinting Screening Cartridges – For fast fingerprint sample collection and detection of multiple drug groups

Our  cartridge reader – Portable, for analysis of the screening cartridge, providing on-screen results in 10 minutes

We also provide (if it’s not us on site) a collection kit for Laboratory analysis – For secondary lab-based confirmation testing, as required

Quick, easy-to-use and non-invasive, fingerprint drug tests provide a hygienic and dignified means of supporting a wide range of workplace drug testing scenarios – from pre-employment screens and random drug tests to post-incident investigations.

Ideal for use in safety-critical environments such as the Construction and Transport & Logistics sectors, the portable system analyses fingerprint sweat to screen for multiple drug groups simultaneously.

Sample collection takes seconds, with results in just ten minutes.

Can be provided in tandem with our other health checks

We believe that fingerprint-based drug tests offer a more convenient, hygienic and pleasant approach to testing than traditional methods involving urine or saliva samples. This comparison table shows how different drug testing approaches measure up across a number of key criteria: