Egerton House, Wilmslow Road, Didsbury, Manchester, M20 2DX

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Who We Are And What We Do

Your Proactive Health Partner

Our Mission
We exist to make a difference to empower and give ownership to personal health. Supporting you and your community to be healthy, happy and productive. To create jobs, to support the communities we work in, to play our part in proactive health post COVID.

As your Proactive Health Partner you can be confident that all our products and services meet the very highest and stringent requirements and are delivered by our own staff in our own labs.

Me & My Health offer a range of testing and screening services to help you identify underlying and potential health issues. Combined with ‘Meaningful Data’ and ‘Actionable Results’ we will help you remove the guesswork out of maintaining a healthy body and mind.

We help identify a wide range of common health issues and concerns that can, in many instances be remedied very easily with lifestyle changes or dietary supplements.

Clinical Programme Manager, Chief Scientist, Laboratory Director

Executive Team


Stuart MacLennan

Chief Executive Officer

Miranda Kirschel

Business Development Director

Rosie Connolly

Service Director, Critical Industries

Madhavi Gajjar

Clinical Programme Manager

Chris Stanley

Chief Scientist

Rachael Almond

Laboratory Director

Chloe Horrigue

Service Director, Digital & Retail

Ella Downs

Finance Manager

Claire Wise

People Director

Jules Carr

Chief Operating Officer

Christine Ryan

IT Director

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