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A proactive approach to health and wellbeing

Me and My Health is your proactive health partner and gives you the control to manage your own health and wellbeing.
By offering a range of testing and screening services we can help you identify underlying and potential health issues.
Combined with ‘Meaningful Data’ and ‘Actionable Results’ we will help you remove the guesswork out of maintaining a healthy body and mind.

Health Check

The me and my health check provides a deep insight into your health and the actions potentially required to sustain an optimum lifestyle unique to you. This service includes standard screening and additional tests based on your profile.

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Gut Health

A healthy gut is a vital part of your overall health and wellbeing. Our Gut Health test will help you understand what is going on inside your body and make some diet and lifestyle changes to really improve your health.

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Sexual Health

Give yourself peace of mind, without a visit to your GP. Our discreet Sexual Health service allows you to check for the 6 most common STI's using a simple home sample kit.

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A simple saliva test, gives you access to the most comprehensive health profile available. Your results allow you to make informed changes to your habits, diet and lifestyle to increase your overall health and wellbeing and impact the ageing process.

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